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(1) Aussiespeed AS0142 240/300 Intake Manifold.


Product details are below.


"Ford big 6 owners now have a new manifold option when it comes to upgrades on there 240. 300 or 3.9L Ford inline 6 cylinder. Aussiespeed has used the technology, expertise  and knowledge that has been acquired to develop intake manifolds for some of the worlds most popular hot rodded 6 cylinder engines in the all new Big 6 design.  The centre fed 4 barrel design offers a longer runner than other manifolds and a cross sectional port area that will help it perform from just off idle to up in the rev range. The manifold has a fuel dropout tray cast into the plenum floor as well as provisions for fuel injectors or nitrous oxide on the cylinder head flanges. The carburetor flange allows for the SQUAREBORE Holley, Quick Fuel and EFI throttle bodies using the same flange bolt pattern as Squarebore Holley carbs, The dual drilled bolt pattern allows for carbs to be mounterd both Forward or sideways facing."  -Aussiespeed.

Ford 240/300 Aussiespeed AS0142

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