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For The Dutra Dual Informational Video Click Here.


This item includes:


(1) Aussiespeed Dutra Dual AS0567 Header Pair For Chrysler 170/198/225


Gill Welding & Fabrication's Dutra Dual Alignment Bar is recommended for all Dutra Installs. This Service Matches An Alignment Bar To Your Manifold Kit.


For installation details see here:




Product Details Are Below:



NEW 2019 MODEL NOW AVAILABLE, MORE STARTER MOTOR CLEARANCE FOR BOTH USA and AUSTRALIAN SLANT 6sDutra Dual cast iron headers were taken over in march 2018 from this date and will be manufactured in Australia and made available to customers worldwide by Aussiespeed. It was through an article in Hotrod magazine where the Dutra Duals were used for testing and they worked hand in hand with the Aussiespeed long and short intake manifolds.


You are buying 1 set of CNC machined cast iron headers for both front and rear exhaust outlets that include stainless steel laser cut flanges, flange gaskets and flange bolts. These are machine and should not require machining like the previous models. When used with some starter motors clearance is tight above the starter motor. Outlet is 2 inch and is supplied with steel flanges, bolts and 2 outlet gaskets. The intention of the new design is to fit with MOST factory and after market starter motors. As there were many models of starter motors we have tried to design a header to fit what we had available. " -Aussiespeed

Dutra Duals AS0567 For Chrysler Slant 6

SKU: AS0567
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