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Dodge, Chrysler, & Plymouth 225, 198, and 170.

Fuel rail for fuel injection.

1/2 inch NPT tapped ends.

-8 AN Rail ID.

These fuel rails can be used for custom installation on all slant six engines. The fuel rail comes in natural finish and can be easily polished. These same fuel rails are used in a custom manifold kit built by Gill Welding and Fabrication.


Fuel rail kit includes 6 fuel injector bungs at a 45 degree angle.

These bungs fit standard bosh style injectors.

Slant Six Fuel Rail Manifold For DIY

  • Item must be in working condition.

    Item must not have heavy scratches, dings, or dents.

    Item must not be modified in any way from original condition.

    Item must be returned within 15 days of purchase.

    20% Restock fee.

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