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As seen on POWERNATION's "Ultimate Slant 6" Build which you can watch here:


Ultimate Slant 6 Build


This turbo kit is designed for 1980s Dodge D-150 Mopars with 170/198/225 Slant Six.  The PBT-D150 is designed for use with 1980s Dodge A/C compressors, power steering, and power brakes. The PBT-D150 system attaches to 2019 and newer Aussiespeed Dutra Duals. This system was designed to fit a Holset HX35 style turbo, mounting it under the intake manifold.


This kit allows you to keep the comforts that you enjoy, while allowing you to bring the Slant Six into a new era of power. When paired with one of our EFI solutions (sold separately and not required) this kit will support a system from mild to wild allowing 200-400+ HP slant sixes depending on your engine build and turbo type. POWERNATION built a Slant 6 around this kit making over 400 HP and over 500 Ft-Lbs of Torque!  This kit fits with all Aussiespeed Slant Six intake manifolds, and with Gill Welding & Fabrication's Mark II-R intake manifold.


Product highlights include:

Fully TIG Welded.

16ga 304 stainless steel.
 2" To T3/T4 Flange 

Kit allows for A/C, power steering, and power brakes.


PBT-D150 parts included:

(1) Stainless steel turbo header kit.
(1) Stainless steel header to block support bracket.
(1) Stainless steel T3/T4 flange.
(1) Pack of stainless steel hardware.


The PBT-D150 requires Dutra Duals.

Both PBT-D150 and PBT-D150-DD (Dutra Duals) require Chrysler "mini" style starters.


A turbo blanket is highly recommended and can be found here.


Dutra Alignment Bars are optional:


Gill Welding & Fabrication's Dutra Dual Alignment Bar is recommended for all Dutra Installs. This Service Matches An Alignment Bar To Your Manifold Kit.


For Alignment Bar installation details see here:

Slant Six Turbo Kit PBT-D150

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