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Lab Rat Goes On A Mountain Drive

Lab Rat has been one of our passion projects, with the purpose of applying modern technologies to Mopar Slant Six engines. We use Lab Rat for research and development of our new products. We are always trying our best, to develop and adapt, modern equipment, into a straight forward product, that anyone can install on their Slant Six.

In the video below, we are show casing Lab Rat's turbo engine, with our PBT-AC Turbo Pipe Kit. This kit utilizes 2019, and newer Aussiespeed AS0567 F/R Dutra Dual exhaust manifolds.

Please enjoy the video, of Lab Rat winding through the picturesque hills, on this gorgeous Tennessee Autumn Day. For more details on Lab Rat's current setup, please read below.

Lab Rat has gone through many changes in the last few years, most notably it's new engine and turbo. There will be more details on the engine and turbo additions, but we will cover a few highlights here.

Intake Manifold: Mark I Prototype

Engine Compression Ratio: 9.0-9.5 depending on the thickness of the head gasket. (Currently a Fel-Pro).

Engine Size: 230 CID

ECU: Megasquirt II

Turbo used: Holset HX-35

Boost Pressure: 11 PSI

Intercooler: Not used at this time.

Ignition Type: 36-1 trigger wheel with wasted spark.

Injector Size: 52 Lb/Hr Bosch Injectors.

Redline: 5,000 RPM (in the video RPMs were under 4,500 RPM).

Differential: 7 1/4 ring gear with 2.76:1 ratio.

Transmission: Stock 904.

The engine's power is limited due to not having an intercooler. We have set an ignition retard according to IAT (Inlet Air Temperature) sensor temperatures. This setup can be run safely on the street or strip, but an intercooler is always recommended for better performance.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us here.

Want to read more about Lab Rat? Find more here.

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